10 of the Best Sci Fi Horror Books

Science fiction comes in all sorts of flavors including ones that'll keep you up all night reminding yourself that it was only a book. The best sci fi horror books have a way of reaching out and twisting your soul into a lump--but leave you wanting for more.

Are you addicted to the madness of sci fi horror? If so, we've got some really nice treats for you on this list. From masters of horror to Indie newcomers, the authors presented here really do have a gift. Now, excuse me while I go find a flashlight and lock the door.

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HP Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction
H.P. Lovecraft

This wouldn't be a respectable list of sci fi horror books if H.P. Lovecraft didn't make his way on it. He's widely considered the Father of Sci-Fi Horror and is best known for his creation of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Although he didn't see as much success when he was alive, his works have outlived him spooking readers even to this day.


I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison's Hugo Award-winning post-apocalyptic short story is absolutely terrifying. It tells of a tale of a Cold War between the US, China, and the Soviets--each of whom have built an Allied Mastercomputer(AM).

But what happens when these AMs band together with the intent of eradicating humankind--and then succeed? 


Who Goes There?
John W. Campbell

This is novella that inspired John Carpenter's 1982 smash hit, The Thing. The story follows a research team isolated in Antarctica where they discover an alien spacecraft buried in the ice.

And upon doing so, they discover the alien piloting the craft. After thawing out the pilot, the research team soon finds itself being terrorized by telepathic shapeshifting menace hellbent on reaching the outside world.



I Am Legend
Richard Matheson

Stephen King once stated that Richard Matheson had the most influence on him as a writer. Now that's saying something. 

In this book, Robert Neville is the last man alive. However, that does not mean he's alone. What was once humanity has been turned into bloodthirsty vampires with one goal in mind. By day, Robert's a hunter attacking the monsters while they're vulnerable. But come nightfall, the hunter becomes the hunted.


The Day of the Triffids
John Wyndham

Written in 1952, this book has become one of the best sci fi horror books of all time. The Times (London) once described it as having "all the reality of a vividly realized nightmare". What if they were actually real?

One day, Earth is privy to an extremely beautiful meteorite shower. A sight unable to be seen by Bill Masen due to his bandaged eyes. But when he can remove the bandages the next day, he discovers a ghastly turn of events. Everyone else has been blinded. And in their weakened state are being hunted by 7-foot tall plant monsters.


Under the Dome
Stephen King

Stephen King has written a lot throughout his storied career, but nothing else quite like this. What would happen if one day a giant invisible dome fell from the sky and covered your entire town?

In this novel, the small country town of Chester's Mill answers that question. The town begins to take on its own challenges including supply shortages, weather problems, and even sociopolitical struggles between the townsfolk. But a major mystery still remains: the origin and purpose of the Dome.



Murder Red Ink
Mord McGhee

What do you get when you cross technological ghosts, historical interface programs, and Jack the Ripper? A gripping, graphic page turner you can't turn away from.

Through the twisted imagination of Mord McGhee, the reader is given a first-hand account of the Ripper murders seen through the eyes of Saucy Jacky himself. This book is not for the faint of heart.


The Andromeda Strain
Michael Crichton

It's never a good time when a military space probe crashes back to Earth--especially when it's been collecting extraterrestrial organisms. And shortly after the crash, the nearby sleepy Arizona township has all but been eradicated--save a newborn infant and an elderly addict.

Now it's up to a select team of crack scientists to figure out, isolate, and solve what's happening before it's too late.


Scott R. Jones

Stonefish is the newest novel on our list, but it definitely deserves to be up here with these classics. And while you can see borrowed influence from some of the greats, this book has a DNA all of its own.

When tech mogul Gregor Makarios goes missing, it's up to journalist Den Secord to locate him. Trouble is, he'll have to navigate through a complex labyrinth of inter-dimensional manifestations, Bigfoot, and technological oddities. This book can make you question your existence and leave you wanting for more. 


Peter Watts

Coming from one of the best hard SF writers today, Blindsight is an amalgamation of First Contact, Space Vampires, and insanity all dashed together with a special kind of dystopian pessimism that'll make just about anyone's brow furl. 

And while this may seem like a lot to handle, it was nominated as a Hugo Award finalist. It really is that good. 

Where are all the Cosmic Horror Films?

HP Lovecraft is the Father of Modern Horror with his works influencing just about every single horror author that came after him. So why is it that we haven't seen more of his creations brought to life on the big screen? 

Well, in short, it's just too complex and deep. Even the visuals would be so difficult to get just right--not because of lack of technology, but because we can't really wrap our minds around what should be portrayed.

Thankfully, there's been a bunch of written material. Check out our list of the best cosmic horror books

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