10 of the Best Neil Gaiman Books

At TopSciFiBooks, we're huge fans of Neil Gaiman. Honestly, it can get kind of embarrassing. But hey, what can you expect? Neil's been touted as one of the absolute best storytellers of modern history. And quite frankly, it's easy to see why.

But what isn't easy is having to choose from all of his works and compile his absolute best.

However, we've done it and with no certainty. The man can truly write. So with that, let's take a look at 10 of the Best Neil Gaiman Books! 

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Neil Gaiman

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Sandman is one of Gaiman's first dives into the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Even though it was one of his earlier works, it was here that he really developed his own personal writing style. 

In this graphic novel--or series of--the story revolves around Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, who after being captured via an occult ritual breaks free from his prison 70 years later to find his kingdom in complete disarray.

Morpheus must travel between the Dreaming and the waking state throughout many different realms in order to achieve the balance required. However, Morpheus begins to realize that things don't need to go back to how they were before. But that things need to change in order for them to grow--and that includes undoing some of his own past regressions.

The storytelling of Sandman has a multi-part graphic novel is just insane. It's got one of the most in-depth and creative stories you'll find whether inside a comic setting or not.


American Gods

Neil Gaiman

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If you haven't read this book yet, it's about time you did. As far as Gaiman's novels go, this has got to be one of--if not--the best. 

The story follows Shadow, a man recently released from prison who wife has recently passed away in a tragic car accident. And she did so while with her lover and Shadow's best friend. Distraught and sullen, Shadow finds himself under the employ as a bodyguard for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday. 

At first, it appears that Mr. Wednesday is a run-off-the-mill con man. However, Shadow quickly realizes that Mr. Wednesday is far from. In fact, he's actually the Norse god Odin in a withered earthly form. And Shadow isn't just his bodyguard. Instead he's helping Odin recruit an army of the world's Old Gods to fight the New Gods of America such as Technology, Media, and The Intangibles.


Neil Gaiman

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Gaiman hasn't just written graphic novels and Sci-Fi/Fantasy. He's also written top notch YA fiction such as Coraline. And while you may be inclined to brush off Coraline as another children's book...that would be a mistake. This short story is widely regarded as one of Neil's absolute bests. Often compared to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Coraline has been ranked as one of the greatest literary works of the 21st century.

Coraline's adventurous begin when she finds a mysterious doorway leading into what looks like the flat next door. After passing through the doorway, she soon finds herself in The Other World where there are "mirror images" of those back in her own reality. And they're all controlled by the Other Mother--a doppelganger of Coraline's own mother.

Everything seems fine until Coraline heads back to her reality to find that her real parents have been captured by the Other Mother. She then heads back to challenge the Other Mother for their freedom.


Good Omens
Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

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Good Omens is another one of Gaiman's must-read books. Co-written with Terry Pratchett of Discworld fame, the story is well-written with a great comedic side to it.

The story's all about the End of Times, the birth of the Anti-Christ, and the prophecies of a whacked-out 17th century witch named Agnes Nutter. Except that the Apocalyptic Horseman are a bit underwhelming, Agnes (as far as witches go) was rather unimpressive, and for the Anti-Christ... He's just a seemingly normal boy named Adam Young.

Seriously, go and read this book if you haven't already.


The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman

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The Graveyard Book is another one of Gaiman's YA novels. And just like Coraline, it's not just for kids. To prove its merit, the book has won a Newberry Medal, Carnegie Award, Hugo, and a Locus!

The story is directly reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. When preparing to write this book, Neil went in with the mindset to "rewrite The Jungle Book, but in a graveyard."

The book is about a young boy named Nobody (or Bod) and his adventures growing up in a graveyard and being raised by ghosts after escaping the brutal murder of his family.


Neil Gaiman

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One thing's for certain. Mr. Gaiman loves his parallel worlds. And in Neverwhere, the story takes place between two different Londons. London Above and London Below. 

London Above is the reality that you and I would normally accept. However, London Below is a parallel world to that. With me so far? Now, a man named Richard Mayhew comes across an injured woman named Door on the street one night. Against the wishes of his fiancee, Richard decides to stop and help the girl. 

But by doing so, he no longer exists on Earth (London Above). He is only known to those in London Below. That's because Door possesses the ability to open things--like other dimensions. Go figure. Neverwhere follows his adventures to make sense of his new life and to help defend Door against hired assassins.


The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Neil Gaiman

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The Ocean at the End of the Lane is another one of Gaiman's books that spans across multiple realities. 

The story begins when the unnamed protagonist travels back to his childhood home for a funeral. While there, he revisits the home he grew up and starts to recall events of the past. And through one of his memories, a supernatural entity is able to return back to the protagonist's world to wreak havok.

However, that's not the only malicious memory he has to contend with. Throughout the book, the protagonist's returning memories alter his current events leading to a rather complex, heartfelt read.


Norse Mythology
Neil Gaiman

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This selection is rather interesting. Neil looks into Norse mythology and draws out three of its main fanfare: Odin, Loki, and Thor. 

But he doesn't write a story as he normally does. Usually, Gaiman creates his own legends and universes. However, in this book, he doesn't have to. Instead, he uses the real-life myths of the Norse ethos and mythologies to give a basis to his characters, setting, and plot.

What he does do is to devise a very interesting narrative between the three. He develops what could be akin to the behind-the-scenes look--or the E! True Hollywood story--of these gods. 


Neil Gaiman

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Stardust is a true fairy tale in every sense of the world. 

Tristan--the novel's main protagonist--is madly enamored with the town beauty Victoria Forester. And while walking her home form work one night, they watch a star fall from the sky into the land of Faerie just outside their town's wall. He bargains with Victoria for her hand in marriage if he can just bring her the star. 

But nobody's explored beyond the Wall of their town before. And no one is allowed to pass through the town's guards to do so. However, with the help of his father, Tristan makes his way through the gate and into the land of Faerie to retrieve the fallen star.


Anansi Boys
Neil Gaiman

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Anansi Boys is another novel similar to American Gods--where the Gods walk among us as normal folk. And although not a direct sequel to American Gods, Anansi Boys does share the same character of Mr. Nancy (aka African trickster god--Anansi).

This story follows Fat Charlie, one of Mr. Nancy's boys, as he makes his way from London to Florida for his father's funeral. Mr. Nancy passed away in an unfortunate karaoke accident, and before his death never revealed to Charlie of his true nature.

However, a very old family friend is able to bring that light telling Charlie that he's not only a god, but has a brother as well. A brother, who unlike Charlie, inherited all the divine powers. 

Neil Gaiman Biography: A Quick Look

It's fair to say that Neil Gaiman is one of the greatest storytellers of modern times. The level of detail and connection that he weaves into each tale is truly something to behold. And he's had a long career of creating science fiction and fantasy novels. And it seems that with each novel he writes, he raises the standards of modern writing just a little bit higher.

Funny thing is... his first accredited work wasn't actually Sci-Fi or Fantasy. It wasn't even fiction! Gaiman wrote a biography on none other than 1980's pop group Duran Duran. And although this was entirely unrelated to anything he'd write after, it set the tone of Neil's career for years to come. You see, this Duran Duran biography completely sold out its first edition in a matter of a few days.

After that book, Neil migrated into writing stories that we'd find more familiar to his style. He shifted into graphic novels for Vertigo and DC where he worked with greats such as Alan Moore and Frank Miller. Not long after Sandman was born. 

Sandman revolutionized the graphic novel taking the genre into places never seen before. It's rich and energetic storytelling inspired a cult following and soon became DC's largest selling comic. 

During his time on Sandman--and subsequently thereafter--he wrote an entire bevy of novels each with their own signature Gaiman marks of storytelling and world-building. Many of which transferred into mini-series or TV shows including American Gods and Neverwhere.

What makes Neil Gaiman's work so unique?

When it comes to actual writing, what sets Neil Gaiman apart from just about everybody else? Is it just his immensely connective world-building? 

It can't be just that. JRR Tolkien, Frank Herbert, and even Timothy Zahn all have the ability to create detailed, imaginative worlds. Or is it his ability to really get down to earth when he talks about the real world? While it's quite amazing how well he can make the reader relate to the story, it's not like that hasn't been done before either.

But Neil Gaiman still stands out. Why?

It's more along the lines of how he can seamlessly interconnect multiple realities, characters, and feelings. Almost as if what's real and what's fantasy are literally one and the same--where in the fantasy side begins to mimic that of reality and vice versa. There's no set definition of what's what just that there is. 

It kind of reminds us of A Wrinkle in Time--which happens to be one of our best Sci Fi books of all time.

Books that Changed Neil Gaiman's Life

For many of us out there, Gaiman's works have had a profound impact on us. Whether it's Sandman giving us our love of comics or Coraline letting us know that YA fiction can be scary. his work can definitely leave a mark on us. 

But what about his influences? Neil intimately shares some of the books that have forever changed his life and formed him into the literary powerhouse we know today.

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