Sentient vs Sapient: What’s the Difference Between The Two? [2020]


When it comes to science fiction, there’s always a huge debate on just about everything. And let’s face it…most of these arguments are subjective. Kirk vs Picard. Cyberpunk vs Steampunk. Naga Sadow vs Tulak Hord. But… sentient vs sapient. There’s a real answer here. In this article, we’ll go over exactly … Check it Out

9 Best Star Wars Books


If there’s one hot topic of debate and discussion within the Science Fiction community, it’s gotta be Star Wars. Whether it’s which Episode is better, what are the best prequel memes, or who’s the greatest Sith to ever live… the Star Wars canon and extended universe (Legends) can provide hours … Check it Out

10 Best End Of The World Science Fiction Books

Best End Of The World Sci Fi

Since science fiction first became popular, authors have been dreaming up new and terrifying ways to envision the world ending. Whether through war, alien invasion, or mankind’s own foolishness, all these books describe Planet Earth coming to a severe end. If you want a taste of the best end of … Check it Out

10 Best Young Adult Sci Fi Books

Young Adult sci fi shouldn’t be dismissed as somehow lesser than its older audience counterpart. Some of the best stories out there are intended for a younger audience. There are also plenty of examples of general sci fi that happens to be suited to a more millennial and Generation Z … Check it Out

9 Best Science Fiction Erotica Books

Erotica Science Fiction

Sci-Fi can be sexy!Ever see the Return Of The Jedi? Seeing Leia at that Sarlacc Pit made many boys out there into men! But it didn’t stop there. No, thanks to the growth of ebooks, there are more subgenres of science fiction erotica than ever before.*FULL DISCLAIMER*If you have a … Check it Out

7 Best Sword and Planet Books

Best Sword and Planet Books

Sword and planet science fiction is one of the oldest subgenres out there. The best stories of this type tend to be very old science fiction books, or homages to the classics. If you’re a fan of swashbuckling, fun, pulpy science fiction, you should definitely check out our curated guide … Check it Out

15 Best Modern Science Fiction Books

Best Modern Sci Fi Books

While it’s true that some of the best science fiction comes from days past, that doesn’t mean that the modern era can’t hang. As a matter of fact, modern science fiction is taking the genre into places never seen before. Checkout our top picks for the some of the best modern … Check it Out

10 Best Books Like Red Rising

Best Books Like Red Rising

Red Rising is a tale of rebellion set on the planet Mars. Set in a future where society is separated into a rigid caste system, individuals are divided according to color. The story centers on the fightback from the lower levels of society against their exploitative rulers. Fans of dystopian … Check it Out

15 Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

Best Science Fiction Books

Choosing a list of the best science fiction books is no easy task. Excuse the pun, but there’s a whole universe of great sci fi out there. Maybe multiple universes! While we couldn’t include each and every book we’d like to, we’ve presented a balanced selection of some of the … Check it Out