7 Best Mass Effect Books


These Mass Effect books show that great science fiction can come from the most interesting of places. TV, movies, plays, and even radio shows. In today’s era, there’s another wonderful source–video games. And nobody really does it much better than Mass Effect.  So, what are the best Mass Effect books? Unlike … Check it Out

10 of the Best Books like Stranger Things


Great science fiction can come from all places. And one bit of the genre that’s taken the world by storm is the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. I don’t whether it’s the lovable cast of characters, 80s throwbacks, or insanely rad story but one thing is certain. Stranger Things is amazing, … Check it Out

14 of the Best LitRPG Books


Let’s face it. We’re nerds here at TopSciFiBooks and proud of it. And like many other nerds, we just love our RPGs. MMO or otherwise. Whether it’s World of Warcraft (not a sponsor) or Star Wars: The Old Republic (again, not a sponsor), we’re all about it. And that’s why it’s … Check it Out

The Ultimate Guide to Dieselpunk 101 [2020]

Leave your top hats and airships behind. We’re heading to the future. A future that has seen the rise of the power machine–the diesel engine. It’s darker, grittier, and less elegant than seen before.  Welcome to Dieselpunk. Dieselpunk is a subgenre of Science Fiction that’s relegated specifically to Jazz Era and … Check it Out

9 of the Best Kurt Vonnegut Books


In our opinion, Kurt Vonnegut is as emotionally and intellectually complex as a Sci Fi writer–or any other genre–can get. But that does not mean you should any of his titles. In fact, I’d encourage every last one of you reading this to hunker down with a Vonnegut novel whenever … Check it Out

10 of the Best Neil Gaiman Books


At TopSciFiBooks, we’re huge fans of Neil Gaiman. Honestly, it can get kind of embarrassing. But hey, what can you expect? Neil’s been touted as one of the absolute best storytellers of modern history. And quite frankly, it’s easy to see why. But what isn’t easy is having to choose from … Check it Out

7 Books Like Dune


Dune is arguably the greatest contribution to science fiction canon of all time. Its massive influence has touched the lives of many works including Star Wars, the Wheel of Time series, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), Warhammer 40k, etc. Essentially, if it’s post-Dune sci fi… it’s … Check it Out