10 of the Best Books like Stranger Things


Great science fiction can come from all places. And one bit of the genre that’s taken the world by storm is the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. I don’t whether it’s the lovable cast of characters, 80s throwbacks, or insanely rad story but one thing is certain. Stranger Things is amazing, … Check it Out

9 of the Best Kurt Vonnegut Books


In our opinion, Kurt Vonnegut is as emotionally and intellectually complex as a Sci Fi writer–or any other genre–can get. But that does not mean you should any of his titles. In fact, I’d encourage every last one of you reading this to hunker down with a Vonnegut novel whenever … Check it Out

10 Best Books By Neal Stephenson

Books Like Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson has become a true publishing phenomenon. As well as being a multiple NYT bestselling author, Stephenson is beloved among true sci fi fans for his exciting take on the genre. He’s often associated with cyberpunk and similar genres, but as you see here, his range is great varied. … Check it Out

15 Best Sci Fi Authors

Best Science Fiction Authors

Are you looking to have serious Science Fiction book collection? If so, you’re gonna need some staples from the best science fiction authors! Every sci fi author on this list can be truly considered as one of the greats. So, in no particular order, here are our picks for the top … Check it Out