15 Books like One Second After

Can you imagine what would happen if you lost all of your electronic devices? I'm talking about no cellphone, no TV, no radio, no internet. Nothing. What about electricity in general? No electric lights, refrigerators, heat and air-conditioning? Just in one split second our world was catapulted back into 16th century. Could you do it? One Second After explores this notion. In the book, an EMP charge shatters all semblance of technology in an area of United States. The events that unfold tell us just how humanity will react in literally its darkest hours. 

One Second After is a wonderful book! It is science fiction at its finest. Exploring post apocalyptic world possibilities and trying human nature to its core. So if you enjoyed it, here is another set of books you may enjoy.

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Alas, Babylon
Pat Frank

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After a nuclear holocaust obliterates the United States, life as we know it as come to a stand still. Tens of millions of people are killed and the land has become a veritable wasteland. Except in one small Florida town. Miraculously spared by the annihilation, these brave men and women must work together to survive the upcoming days. 


Lucifer's Hammer
Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven

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The Earth stood still just before the impact. A comet crashed into Earth with a force never before experienced. A world shook with such a tremendous might creating hundred foot tall tidal waves that engulfed the land. As the Earth recessed into the next Ice Age, the few survivors now faced the most challenging fight for survival they had ever known.


On the Beach
Nevil Shute

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World War III has struck and this time it's gone nuclear. The few individuals that remain alive patiently await the inevitable radioactive cloud and fallout headed their way. Among the survivors stands an American submarine captain dreading what must be the loss of his family in the States. However, a faint Morse code signal is received from the Seattle area sparking hope. Captain Towers now must gather his crew and search for remaining life.


Earth Abides
George R Stewart

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A deadly disease unlike any other known before has swept the Earth. Millions are left dead in its wake. The human race is all but gone. Save one solitary man. A survivor who seems to be immune to the pandemic. As he ventures forth in a world alone, what he learns will shake him to the core. 


Life As We Knew It
Susan Beth Pfeffer

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When a freak meteor collision occurs with Earth's moon, the effects are more far reaching than imagined. Tsunami-like tides, major earthquakes, and skies full of volcanic ash are now just a few of the new attributes of Earth. One family seeks shelter by the wood burning stove in their sunroom. Daughter Miranda documents her family's struggle to hold on to their last precious resource--Hope.


World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
Max Brooks

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The Zombie War drove humanity to the brink of extinction. Through what could only be a miracle, there are survivors. As few as there may be. Max Brooks documents his first-hand experience with those apocalyptic years. His words fully embrace the horror and fear of the surviving human race and portrays the strength that these people have moving forward. His history covers from Patient Zero--the first known case of outbreak-- all the way to the Redeker Plan (an unspeakable glimmer of hope for humanity), and how the tides began to turn somewhere West of the Rockies.  


Station Eleven
Emily St. John Mandel

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The Georgia Flu took the world by surprise nearing wiping out all of humanity. One of those who fell victim was Arthur Leander, an aging Hollywood actor eager to reboot his career. But poor Arthur died onstage during a production of King Lear. Accounts are recalled about old Arthur and the lives that he touched both before and after the deadly plague.


The Borrowed World
Franklin Horton

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It finally happened. The United States has been brought to its knees in one deadly night of terror attacks by ISIS. The electrical grid collapses, communications are severed, bridges and dams collapsed, and fuel refineries light up the night sky with flaming columns and heavy smoke. It's a terrorist's wet dream. In order to combat this, the US government took many measures including halting the sale of fuel and transportation to the general public. This leaves many wearied travelers stranded and away from home. One man in particular, Jim, feels the weight and the challenge of this new world and focuses his drive towards a singular goal. Going home.


The Road
Cormac McCarthy

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Something bad has happened. America the beautiful has now become a wretched wasteland. But for one father and son, it has become home. Migrating the lonely roads armed only with their simple possessions and a shopping cart, they take refuge among the ruins avoiding nasty marauders and others bent on tearing them apart. This is their reality.


The Stand
Stephen King

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After an seemingly minor computer error at the Department of Defense, the world has come to a crawl. One simple error and the world is now over. Those who remain are left to rebuild society. But first they must choose a side. Or be chosen. 


The Passage
Justin Cronin

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Poor Amy. Abandoned by her mother at six and subsequently imprisoned by shadowy agents, she found herself as the subject of an experiment of apocalyptic proportions. Special Agent Wolgast, the lawman in charge of Amy's apprehension, is touched by the poor girl and helps to harbor her escape. But something from the experiment has gone terribly wrong. Although he is able to save Amy, it seems that the rest of society now lies in ruins. Once again Amy finds herself alone and the only one with the power to restore the ruined world.  


I Am Legend
Richard Matheson

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Robert Neville is the last man alive on Earth. But he's far from alone. Every other man, woman, and child has been turned into a vampire hungry for the one last man left to snack on. By day, Robert lives the life of a hunter stalking down his undead prey. But by nightfall, the hunter now becomes the hunted.


John S. WIlson

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The man had to keep moving. To where it didn't matter. But he knew he just couldn't be there. He had to escape from the lawlessness and brutal gangs which America's collapse had brought. But what about the young orphan boy he had found along the way? Surely, the boy couldn't stay with him. But then again... Leaving him would be akin to murder. Perhaps, they could head west for a fabled land of milk and honey and start anew. That is... if they survive.


Jacqueline Druga-Marchetti 

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World War III has happened and has turned the United States into a smoldering state of ruination. Chronicled through the pages of a young woman's notebook, Joanna turns her mission into finding out what has happened to her loved ones when everything around her has turned to dust.


Matthew Mather

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Mike Mitchell is just your every day Joe trying to guide his family through the struggles of modern day New York. Little did he know, that the thriving metropolis would soon be brought to its knees. As a series of disasters severs NYC from the rest of the world, Mike must fight for his family's survival.  

How were these books like One Second After Selected? 

These all follow the theme of Post-Apocalyptic or Apocalyptic fiction. Many of the best books like One Second After found on this list are classics and will be familiar to any fans of science fiction. Others have gained mainstream appeal through their screen adaptations. No matter how familiar you are with One Second After and other post apocalyptic books, there should be something to interest you here.

What is Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction?

Are you ready for the end of the world? No. Even if you're a doomsday prepper, there's no way we can really face what's gonna happen when the world ends. Sorry, but it's the truth.

So, how can we survive the end of days?

One page at a time. 

That's what Post Apocalyptic science fiction does for us. It puts us in the aftermath of an Armageddon-level event and leads us through the struggles. This genre really brings to light the resiliency of mankind and our ability to adapt to overcome any obstacle. Pretty inspiring for story focused on death and destruction. 

What is One Second After about?

One Second After follows the story of John Matherson, a small town college professor in North Carolina. He lives at home with his two daughters enjoying the simple life when suddenly his entire town loses all power and communications. Turns out, a high altitude nuclear blast has just occurred over his home releasing an EMP charge.

Now, he must struggle to survive the ensuing riots and long term effects of this disaster. He and his town must fight to overcome starvation, disease, and roaming troops of barbarians. 

Now... go find a copy and get to work!

An Exclusive Interview with William Forstchen on One Second After

Ever wonder what the reason behind Forstchen's One Second After is? Listen to this interview on Book TV which explains his mindset, the real life danger of EMP's, and the need for missile defense systems.

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