9 Best Science Fiction Erotica Books

Sci-Fi can be sexy!

Ever see the Return Of The Jedi? Seeing Leia at that Sarlacc Pit made many boys out there into men! But it didn't stop there. No, thanks to the growth of ebooks, there are more subgenres of science fiction erotica than ever before.


If you have a problem with adult themes or are under your country's legal age, please click away now. This article is not for you.

However, if you’re looking for some out of this world Sci-Fi erotica, continue to discover our top choices. 

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Sought: Brides Of The Kindred
Evangeline Anderson

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Evangeline Anderson is proof of the popularity of erotic science fiction. The author has sold countless copies of her work, and has even made the New York Times bestseller list. Sought deals with a plus sized woman who is being fought over by rival aliens. As well as the erotic content, Sought features journeys between alien planets. Plenty of hot action for fans of sci fi to enjoy. 


The Alien's Prize
Zoey Draven

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The Alien’s Prize features an earth woman being abducted and fought over by an alien fight club. This is a premise likely to appeal to fans of submissive erotica. The alien race is warlike and powerful adding to the Domination theme. As well as fans of abduction erotica, this story is likely to appeal to readers who value action-packed science fiction, with plenty of masculine fight scenes to keep pulses racing.


Erin Raegan

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Erotica can come (no pun intended) in many varieties, from humorous and lighthearted to dark and sinister. Pythen definitely falls into the latter category. This is all about an alien invasion and the human prizes claimed during its course. The main human character is an everyday female, and the aliens featured are a strange and batlike race. Suitable for fans of darker erotica science fiction.


His Human Slave
Renee Rose

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Renee Rose has achieved something relatively rare with His Human Slave - respect from some mainstream romance reviewers. Often, romance fans turn their nose up at sci fi themed erotica. However, His Human Slave has found acceptance among mainstream and genre fans alike. As well as conventional sci fi erotica, this book contains scenes of light BDSM, so if that isn’t to your taste, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for critically accepted sci fi erotica, His Human Slave might just be the book for you. 


Wings Of The Seraph
Sarah Hawke

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If you’re looking to get immersed in an erotica science fiction series, you should definitely take a look at Wings Of The Seraph. This collection contains all five volumes, and tells the tale of erotica space rescue and a vast conspiracy, full of competing interests and tensions. Wings Of The Seraph is proof that sci fi erotica can span epic sagas, and that the genre isn’t limited to one off short reads. If you’re looking for some spicy sci fi fun, don’t be afraid to fly with the Wings Of The Seraph.


Ultra Bundle
Claudia Balvenie

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For fans of medical sci fi erotica, the Invasion Ultra Bundle features a collection of ten complete stories. This contains a full series as well as some bonus tales. This is an imaginative collection of sexy alien stories, guaranteed to thrill fans of the genre. If you’re bored of conventional erotica, this is what you’ve been waiting for. 


Eight Percent
Holly Ardent

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Taking a quick detour from the sexy alien stories featured so far, we turn our attention to Eight Percent. This is an erotic take on the post-apocalyptic genre which is a very popular sci fi story type. Like all of the most creative erotica, Eight Percent isn’t content with only featuring one set of tropes. Instead, the author has managed to make this a ‘post-apocalyptic milf’ book. If that’s the genre for you, then be sure to check out Eight Percent


Into Reality
LM Gregory

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Even a year or so back, the idea of virtual reality based body swap erotica would sound a little crazy. Perhaps the type of thing you’d find lurking in the darker corners of the internet, but not elsewhere. Then Black Mirror dropped an episode with that very theme, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so out there. If you want to check out the pioneers of the concept, look no further than stories such as Into Reality. This is probably worryingly close to becoming a real life thing, so get ready by reading this!


A Warm Place
Crystal Candy

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Most of the erotic stories found on this list are darker in nature, which is to be expected from sci fi erotica. However, A Warm Place is proof that the genre can be...heartwarming? The story is set in a post-apocalyptic ice age. If you’re a fan of harem erotica in general then this story is well worth a look. Readers have praised it for its engaging characters and positive tone. Definitely a switch up from most of the books found here. 

What are Some Subgenres of Sci-Fi Erotica?

Two of the genres which have some of the highest numbers of subgenres are science fiction and erotica. It’s no surprise that when you combine these two together, there are a vast number of possible subgenres. 

If you’re new to the world of erotic science fiction, and are looking to delve deeper into what it has to offer, here is a quick rundown of some of the more popular subgenres out there.

  • Invasion 

  • Invasion style sci fi erotica is like a conventional alien invasion story, only sexier. Typically, this will involve a race of invading aliens that happen to have a sexual interest in humanity. This is often combined with the abduction subgenre of erotic science fiction.

  • Abduction 

  • Often, even in mainstream erotica, the tension is created by a lack of control. What could be more typical of that very scenario than an alien abduction? Given the prevalence of reports of probing even in mainstream alien abduction reports, it’s no surprise that abduction erotica makes up a large niche within sexy sci fi. 

  • Dark

  • Plenty of people like their erotica to have a dark tone, and sci fi erotica is no exception to this rule. If you are a fan of darker stories, there are plenty of examples of erotic sci fi that will keep you happy. Picture sinister alien races and warlike spaceships and you are along the right track.

  • Post-apocalyptic 

  • Just as mainstream sci fi has plenty of stories based around end of the world scenarios, so does its erotic counterpart. The population scarcity and struggle for survival naturally lends itself to some erotic scenarios. These can range in tone from scary to sweet. 

Just as there is mainstream sci fi to suit every taste, there is erotic sci fi to fulfill the full spectrum of preferences. No matter what you preference, you’re almost sure to find an erotic sci fi tale to float your boat.

Are there any mainstream examples of sci fi erotica?

Although science fiction erotica is its own dedicated subgenre, the case can be made that mainstream sci fi has always had a strong sexual interest.

From the earliest days of sword and planet stories, authors have considered the romantic implications of mixing with alien races. Even respected titans of science fiction have focused on erotic ideas from time to time.

Outside of the world of books, there are plenty of examples of romantic or erotic elements to sci fi films. Star Wars is perhaps the most mainstream example, but plenty of movies such as Species and even X-Men have played around with the concept. 

Perhaps the most modern iteration of sci fi erotica and romance is virtual reality. The real world is pretty close to unleashing VR sexual experiences and sexbots, and fiction is bound to reflect this. 

The Black Mirror episode ‘Striking Vipers’ is one of the most famous examples of virtual reality erotica, and Ready Player One makes strong use of VR romance themes to advance its story.

Can Reading Erotica Make You a Better Writer?

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