25 Best Nanotechnology Science Fiction Books

This list of nanotechnology books is filled with books that take you through an adventure techno filled story. These are the Best Nanotechnology Novels because they have aspects in their story that take they audience to a new world with major advancements in technology. If you are interested in listening to any of the Nanotechnology Books provided in this list check out Audible's one month free trial. With their free trial you will get two audiobooks for free!



By Michael Crichton

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Far out in the middle of the Nevada desert there has been an experiment that has gone terribly wrong. A swarm of nano-particles and micro-robots has gotten out of the laboratory. The issue is the swarm is self-sustaining and can self reproduce. They learn as they fail and are as much alive as you and I. Every attempt to destroy them has failed and we are now the prey. 


Assemblers of Infinity

By Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason

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A giant alien structure was discovered by the crew of Moonbase Columbus on the farthest side of the Moon. The structure was building up atom by atom by real living machines. Machines microscopically small and practically unstoppable they consumed everything they touched. As this mysterious structure continues to take it shape and expand its creators multiply right along with it. 


Limit of Vision

By Linda Nagata

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The second book of the Wool series is based in 2007 at the Center for Automation in Nanobiotech Canada. Where the robots, smaller than human cells, would one day do human medical diagnoses, self-propagate, and even conduct repairs. 

In that same year the CBS network re-aired their program about the effects of propranolol could do on those who suffered from sever trauma. The simple pill could wipe the memory of traumatic event that one experienced. 


Forge of Heaven 

By C. J. Cherryh

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Continuing from the first book in "The Gene Wars," this books continues to explore the new universe where two interstellar empires, defeated by nanotechnology weaponry, hover in an uneasy and strained relationship. 


The Diamond Age

By Neal Stephenson

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Being set in the twenty-first century, Neal Stephenson takes his audience on a stunning new tale. A story that depicts the future of what happens when a stat-of-the-art interactive device slips into the hands of a street urchin named Nell. What she doesn't know is that her life, and the future of all of humanity is about to be decoded and reprogrammed. 


Altered Carbon

By Richard K. Morgan

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As the world is watched by the eyes of the U.N. humankind is spread throughout the galaxy. Divisions in race, class, and religion still exist the advanced in technology are far better than ever before. 

Assuming that one can afford to pay for the expensive procedure, one could copy their consciousness and download it into a new body. Making them practically immortal. However it is not as simple for some. 


Blood Music

By Greg Bear

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As the fears of nuclear annihilation calmed down after the Cold War genetic engineer Vergil Ulam made a break through in his work. However he was stopped as it was considered too dangerous and was banned from further research. 

But rather than destroy his precious work Vergil injected himself with his creation and left his lab. Not knowing that the actions he took would drastically change the world. 


The Mandel Files Volume 2: The Nano Flower

By Peter F. Hamilton

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Greg Mandel was a former worker for the mighty tech company Even Horizon. However after is psychic detective skills, given to him by biotechnology and nearly killing him several times, he decided to settle down and become a farmer. 

But his work needed him back after hacker-genius Royan, husband to the company owner Julia Evans, goes missing. The truth behind the need for Mandel to return stays a mystery. Was he being kidnapped and forced to work for others means by his captors? 


The Host

By Stephenie Meyer

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A species of aliens called "Souls" have come to Earth and deemed the humans to be too violent to deserve the planet. So they start taking over the bodies one by one. As a Soul takes over a body everything stays in tacked but the original owners consciousness is completely erased.  

When Wander, who is one of the Souls, tries to invade the body of Melanie Stryder she finds it a hard task because Melanie's consciousness is still alive. Melanie continues to communicate with Wanderer mentally. As the two continue their battle Wander experiences some of Melanie most precious memories which only make Melanie want to fight even harder for her own body back. 



By Linda Nagata

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Onboard a thousand years old starship, called Null Boundary, are four survivors from an old alien war. Their journey is desperate and the destination is unknown.

The four survivors are Lot, a son of a fiery prophet and the carrier of the insidious virus that spreads a cult-like mania to those it infects. Urban, Lot's friend from childhood and a man in search of adventure. Clemantine, a girl who was brought aboard after she was found adrift leaving her destroyed world. And finally Nikko, the ship's disembodied mind.  



By Marissa Meyer

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Cinder is Book One in the Lunar Chronicles and is a reboot of the Cinderella story but only with a twist. Set in New Beijing a new and deadly plague has hit the city where humans and androids live together. However no one knows it yet, not even Cinder, that the worlds fate will soon rest in her own hands. 


Snow Crash

By Neal Stephenson

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In the real world Hiro Protagonist is a pizza delivery guy for Uncle Enzo's CosoNostra Pizza Inc., but that is not who he is everywhere. In the Metaverse Hiro is a warrior prince. When he's not out on pizza runs he's plunging headfirst into the enigma of another computer's virus that is shutting down hackers. As he runs along the neon-lit street he searches and destroys the shadowy virtual villains who are threatening to bring about a infocalypse. 



By Wil McCarthy

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Mycora, meaning technogenic life. That is what the world has come to. Fast-mutating, fast-reproducing and always hungry microscopic machines/creatures have escaped their owners and are quickly taking over. Kicking what remains of the human race out into space to find other planets. 

But humanity is still not safe. They are never safe until all of the mycospores are destroyed. 


The Quantum Thief

By Hannu Rajaniemi

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The Quantum Thief takes you through an adventure ride through solar systems several centuries into the future. A world filled with marching cities, communication through shared memory, ubiquitous public-key encryption, and humans who originated as an MMORPG guild. Even with all of this technology humans will still be humans and world is yet to be perfect. 



By Lauren DeStefano

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By sixteen years old Rhine Ellery has only four more years left to live. After a failed attempt to make the perfect race all males were left with a lifespan of 25 years and all female with a lifespan of 20 years.

Geneticists are in search of an antidote to restore what was once the human race. But will they ever find one?


Skin in the Game

By R. P. Finch

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When worlds that are not supposed to mix end up mixing nothing good ever come out of them. That is sadly what happened to young Eben Burnham, a science buff. Eben is a science buff and a first-year lawyer at one of the best Wall Street firms. 

When trying to represent a start-up nanotech company he doesn't expect everything that could possibly go wrong actually go wrong. 


The Bohr Maker

By Linda Nagata

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After being the first ever genetically engineered "post human" to live through the airless voids of space Nikko's research permit is about to expire. His body has started to self shut down and result in program failure. Nothing can stop this except canceling his own expiration date. His only hope on continuing to live is to steal the powerful nanotech device called the Bohr Maker. 



By Michael Grant

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The conjoined twins, Charles and Benjamin Armstrong, have a goal in mind. They want to turn the entire world into what their version is of utopia. No war, no hunger, no free will. However not everyone agrees. 

So the brothers fight through a nano-level war to win and get the world to be how they see it should. While the others fight to protect their rights to be humans and to not be perfect. 



Permutation City

By Greg Egan

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Have you ever wondered what would happen when your digital self takes over your physical self? Well a permutation city is not like any life you have ever been accustomed to. Immortality is actually a real thing. However it is not what you would expect. Life itself is just a copy of a copy. You yourself have been digitally scanned and then downloaded into a virtual reality program. 

The problem for Paul Durham is that his copies continue to make copies of himself. The copies then change their minds and continue to shut themselves down...



By Linda Nagata

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Katie Kishida had a perfect life. Her nanotechnology began with an act of love. She was a young mother and wife with a very successful career. However that all ended with the sudden death of her husband.

Putting her love and faith of science that had not been proven yet she placed her husband's, Tom's, body into a cryonic suspension. In hopes that the frozen liquid nitrogen would preserve his body over time. Time would allow for the nanotechnology to evolve and might one day be good enough to bring her husband back to life. 



By Tony Daniel

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The human has expanded itself into multiple different aspects of our solar system. In doing so the human race has developed itself into something remarkable and perhaps even transcendent.

The inner system is called the Met, meaning the worlds are connected by a large number of network cables. The Met is run by nanotechnological artificial intelligences, which are beings that the tyrant Ames has previously declared non-human. Few ever get out beyond the dictator's boundaries. Therefore everyone is trapped. 


Counting Heads

By David Marusek

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2134 has given birth to the Boutique Economy. Which is were mass production and the mass consumption are rendered out of date. The life extension therapies have the technology to increase the human lifespan to centuries. Artificial intelligences and robots to majority of the busy work in society. The Boutique Economy has gotten ride of ninety-nine percent of the whole worlds human life. The world would be a much better place if all humanity was gone. Or would it? 


Shadow Game

By Christine Feehan

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As a classified experiment goes terribly wrong, Captain Ryland Miller and Lily, are the only ones left to solve the issue. The experiment was capable of enhancing the psychic abilities of military squadron to transform their normal powers in to a military weapon goes. Many men have been dying of unrealistic accidents and the Captain knowns he is next. 

Together, they go deeper into the labyrinth of Lily's father's past. The father they go the closer they get to a secret that someone would kill in order to keep hidden. 


The Devil's Code

By John Sandford

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When the computer whiz, artist, and professional criminal, Kidd, learns about the death of one of his colleagues he doesn't believe the story: a jittery security guard caught the hacker in mid process of taking the files of a high-tech Texan corporation. It wasn't the files that his friend had been killed over. It was the information that he had already known. 



By Syne Mitchell

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In the near feature our world and all of humankind is connected to a worldwide Net. Jasmine Resse is a data miner for the company called, Infotech. However, suddenly Infotech is disconnected from the Net and is left unable to function properly with the rest of humankind. What Jasmine finds in her attempts to fix the company is the existence of a vast collective consciousness. That consciousness gives her the capability to control everything and everyone around her. 

What makes a Sci Fi Nanotechnology Book?

Manifest destiny. The desire for humankind to move forward towards bold, new horizons and bigger and better things.

But is bigger always better? 

In the realm of SciFi nanotech, the microscopic is that which reigns supreme. In Nanotechnology books, machine on a molecular or atomic level are responsible for moving along the plot line. Often times, this nanotech acts as a "mechanized DNA". They act as motorized creators working quickly to fix, repair, create, or destroy.

How did the Nanotech SciFi Develop? 

In the genre of Science Fiction, nanotechnology is a relatively new addition. The reason for this may have an explanation for this. You see, as far as SciFi is concerned... Stories are based highly in the What If's of our actual society.

Let's take First Contact SciFi for instance. Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been stories and myths of Sky People arriving. From the ancient peoples of India to Native Americans, alien (or otherworldly contact) has been documented. This could be due to a large number of reasons. Either way, alien contact has been a hot button for discussion and has inspired a lt of fictional work.

But what about Nanotechnology? When did people start talking about nanomachines?  Well... It all boils down to one physicist. 

Richard Feynman

You may have heard of him. He was a rockstar in the area of Quantum Mechanics and worked with both Oppenheimer and Einstein on the Manhattan Project (The project created to design the atomic bomb). Huge fan. Of the science. Not the lives lost... moving on.

In 1959, Feynman spoke on what could be the first definitive mention of nanotechnology with "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom". So if the first mention was on the cusp of the 1960's, you could see why Nanotech is a late bloomer in science fiction. K Eric Drexler was the first to mention it in fictional writing in the late seventies, but things didn't really take off until 1986. This is when Drexler's novel "Engines of Creation" was released to the public. 

Since then the genre has taken off and continues to grow.... however, the genre seemed to peak in the mid 1990's.

Nanotechnology in the Real World

We are no longer in Feynman's 1959, and modern technology has been able to turn nanotechnology into a reality.

Well, kind of.

Now, there are no rogue nanobots out there wreaking havoc, but that does mean that modern science hasn't made headway in the field. Nanowires and carbon nanotubes are two of the most recent areas of advancement with carbon nanotubes taking the most interest. And that's not all...

Did you know that there are already practical consumer applications of nanotechnology on the market today?

Yep. Anybody reading this can walk into the store and purchase nanotech for a lot cheaper than you can imagine. Sunscreen and antimicrobial bandages are just two examples.  

Nanotech vs Biotech

Now, we can't mention nanotechnology without bringing up Biotech. The two tend to go hand in hand both in real life and in the stories. 

Researchers today are ultimately working towards a goal of incorporating nanotechnology into medicine. Wouldn't it be great if we could send an army of nanobots into a person bloodstream to fight off infectious diseases and cancers?

Or what about for warfare? Injecting nanobots that amplify the DNA it comes in contact with creating a Captain America-esque super soldier serum. 

These ideas often show up in modern Nanotechnology Science Fiction novels. And at the rate that modern technology is evolving, these concepts may become a reality. It's only a matter of time until Science Fiction simply becomes Science. 

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